7- Why do you call your carburetors "remanufactured", instead of "rebuilt"? What’s the difference?

The important difference is the quality of parts and work that go into each one of our remanufactured carburetors, and well as the sheer quantity of work. We prefer to use only the finest quality parts in each carburetor we remanufacture to provide a product designed to provide years of trouble-free use. Some suppliers aren’t able to live up to the standards we require, so we simply don’t deal with them.

When it comes to the labor performed on each of our units, it’s painstaking. While other rebuilders may just "throw a kit in" and make a few adjustments and may "spruce it up" using a can of spray paint, our technicians disassemble the carburetor into its component parts and put it through a thorough, multi-stage cleaning procedure designed to remove grime, rust, water scale and other contaminants. Only after the parts of the carburetor are cleaned inside and out are they sent to be machined.

Our machining process is where we truly shine, removing warps, correcting cracks, resurfacing mating surfaces, dressing mounting areas and rebushing throttle-shafts (which is standard with us). Some parts prone to corrosion are sent through a plating process. Many diaphragms are replaced. Only after this intensive procedure is complete is the carburetor sent for assembly.

Our assemblers pride themselves on producing a unit that exceeds O.E.M. specifications, rather than just meeting them. After assembly, the carburetor will be tested on a live running engine, as well as flow tested to ensure proper performance in all internal circuits. Then it’s on to final inspection, application of an anti-corrosive coating, then it’s packaged and labelled with the Recarbco name.

Since our carburetors are competitively priced, which would you prefer to spend your auto repair dollar on?Just a "rebuild" or a precision remanufactured carburetor from Recarbco?