Engine cranks but will not start.

1) Carburetor flooding.
2) Choke is closed when engine is hot.
3) No spark.
4) No compression.
5) No fuel
6) No air
7) Too much air

1) See section on “flooding” for details on how to correct.
2) Find & fix cause for choke staying closed. Look for no heat source, spring in backwards, or something jammed or bent.
3) Do complete tune up.
4) Diagnose cause of no compression & fix.
5) Check fuel delivery volume and pressure. Look for clogged lines, filter, or pump. Check for kinked or swollen fuel lines.
6) Check for clogged air filter, especially after driving through muddy or dusty area.
7) Look for big vacuum leak, such as broken hose, blown gasket, bad power brake diaphram, bad PCV valve.

Engine starts, then dies within a few seconds.

1) Choke is staying closed
2) Flooding
3) Power valve blown.
4) Venting system failure.
5) Idle jet plugged up with dirt.
6) Idle air bleed plugged up or missing.
7) Idle cut-off solenoid not working.

1) Diagnose and fix choke problem.
2) See section on flooding.
3) Replace power valve.
4) Check out entire fuel system venting system, inluding the vent valve on the carb, the charcoal canister, all hoses & check valves in the system, and any solenoids that trigger the vent system to operate.
5) Clean out the idle jet and any other dirt in the carb.
6) Check idle air bleed. Clean or replace as necessary.
7) Check idle solenoid, especially for power to it and ground to it, replace solenoid if necessary.

Engine starts, then races for a few seconds and then dies.

1) Big vacuum leak somewhere.

1) Find the vacuum leak & fix it. Also look for wrong base gasket or one that is installed wrong. If engine has been spitting back, it may have blown out the base gasket or a gasket in the carb.

Engine starts OK, but then get real rough. Lots of black smoke.

1) Power valve blown out by spitback up through carb.
2) Slow flooding.
3) Float sunk. (usually caused by spitback up through carb.)
4) Venting system problem.

1) Replace the power valve.
2) See flooding section.
3) Replace float.
4) Check entire venting system & fix.